GROUNDFRONT provides experienced and dedicated leadership in the development and delivery of real estate, design and construction projects with an end to end process that focuses on all aspects of the owner’s immediate and long terms needs.

Range of Services

Consulting and Advisory —  Business Objectives, Financial Targets and Strategy Creation – this is a process that helps us listen and understand the client needs and priorities and explore the future potential of the organisation so we can help formulate a vision, identify obstacles, co-create strategies, financial targets and action plans.

Market Penetration and Location Planning — Property Purchase or Lease, Concept Design, Urban Planning and Feasibility – in order to commit to any one location first comes the client requirements and identity of the location, matching size, space priorities, specifications and sensitivities for each client.

Design —  Business Scope Requirements, Architectural and Interiors, Budget Creation – Turning a concept into a finished product entails analysis, creativity and selection. From the outline requirements and high level cost feasibility to detailed drawing, permits and budgets the scope and scale of requirements has to be clearly and correctly articulated prior to contract execution.

Execution Management —  Procurement, RFP/Q and Contract Development, Execution Management – On-boarding suppliers and contractors is highly influenced by the quantity and quality of the information exchanged between the parties before and during a contract. The contract management can be flexible enough to relate to the clients needs and change management along the way.

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