Office, Distribution and Industrial Workplaces.

Is an office truly essential for your company? Is your distribution centre too small or not regulation compliant? Is your production facility too far from your Customers? Work places are being reimagined to be more inspiring and effective and regulation compliant. With deep experience of factories, offices and distribution centres, we understand the importance of versatility and location in the world of work.

Clearly identifying how people will use space today and what changes are yet to come as business grows and modernizes, needs to be considered and planned.

Finding or modernizing the right office or commercial or industrial location is a complex, time consuming and expensive endeavor that is followed by the intricate design and consideration to create the productive and rewarding work space to fit your company’s needs now and in the future.

Groundfront can help you lead the refit, expansion or development, design and construction of your commercial or industrial workplace to ensure you deliver your growth plans.

Clients we've worked with include:

Amazon, Lift & Co., Hello Fresh, Chef's Plate, Mobilia, Westbury National, Perimeter Developments, Wintrup Developments.

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